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Providing family-centered

early childhood speech,

language, and feeding

therapy services in

Waxhaw, NC.

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You're here! This is the first step to helping your kiddo, and you're doing it!

I'm Kelsey, the owner and speech-language pathologist behind Playful Communication. I'm an early childhood specialist and caregiver coach. I spend my days playing in the floor, helping little ones learn how to eat, communicate, and connect with others. I come to you and work with you.

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how we do things around here


Young children learn best through play; playing IS learning! Therapy goals are embedded into playful, joyful experiences that are relevant and meaningful to your child.


Instead of focusing on the "can't-do's" (or maybe the "can't-do-YETs"), we look at what your child CAN do; those sweet differences that make them who they are. We build on those strengths and special interests to

help them learn new,

meaningful-to-them skills.

We strive to stay informed on current research and regularly engage in continuing education to ensure we provide up-to-date evidenced-based treatment. Therapy is driven by research and the child's interests and needs. We are life-long learners!


Therapy is provided within your child's natural environment: home, daycare, or preschool. YES- we come to you! Not only is this super convenient, this approach allows for therapy to be embedded into your child's daily routine, reduces challenges with carryover of new skills, and provides natural opportunities for caregiver coaching. This is best practice for children under age 3 and valuable for children of

all ages.


We work with you to learn what is important to your child and your family- your routines, values, and priorities. This knowledge guides therapy to ensure goals are meaningful and relevant. Caregivers play an integral role in therapy, and caregiver participation is encouraged and requested. We provide caregiver coaching to help you learn how to support your little one. We are a team, and YOU are a valuable member!



We honor all forms of play, communication, and learning. We are sensory-mindful and support regulation before attempting to teach new skills. We acknowledge, build on, and respect your child's own individual interests. We presume competence.  We follow your child's lead and choose connection over compliance.

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